Africa, West Africa, Benin, Lake Nokoue, Ganvié. Woman rowing in the back of a pirogue outside the lakeside town of Ganvié on Lake Nokoue.

Lake Village Of Ganvié

Ten kilometers north of Cotonou, “the Venice of Africa”, Ganvié is a lakeside village in Benin on Lake Nokoué.

Africa, Djibouti, Lake Abbe. Portrait of a young nomad girl looking at the camera


Collection of faces and expressions from around the world.

A group of migrants is walking in the desert to reach Obock.


Every month, thousands of young men and women cross Djibouti from Ethiopia or Somalia to Saudi Arabia via Yemen. The journey is a perilous one, with the heat of the desert, the sometimes violent seas and the crossing of a country at war.

A child sits on bags full of stones that will be sent to the village to extract the gold.

Gold Diggers

Traditional gold mining in eastern Burkina Faso can be a deadly occupation. Often dug by hand by local youths who are driven by necessity, the search for gold fuels fantasies at the risk of life.

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Bicycle Series

Ecological and timeless, the bicycle remains the most accessible means of transport throughout the world. Whether it’s our size or not, there’s always one available for a ride.